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MediaBox HD Apk Download for Android Latest Version

MediaBox HD Apk: Nowadays smartphones are getting more popular if you want to watch movies or TV shows without any cable connection. Smartphone usage increasing quickly. Because nowadays you can all the things on your smartphone. Such as, watch the latest or new release movies on your smartphone. There are many other features that make smartphones more interesting and important. Well, you can not imagine what you can with the help of your phone. Came back to the topic. We are going to discuss the streaming application called MediaBox HD APK. This app will make your entertainment. Watch your favorite TV series and movies with the help of this apk.

MediaBox HD Apk

MediaBox HD Apk is a free online streaming service. With the help of this application, you can access all the web series, tv shows, the latest movies, and many more things. MediaBox does not host any content on its server. They have online streaming partners and they get links from their trusted streaming partners and provide you all the links. So with the help of that link, you can watch or download content very easily and effectively.

There are lots of people who are using MediaBox HD. The app has a very satisfying service. You can watch all of your favorite movies, cartoons, dramas, series. Well, we have introduced lots of streaming applications. So this is tough for us to choose the best and effective one. But MediaBox is also a good streaming application. It will provide you all the latest content. And it has many great features. You will get great experience by using this application. MediaBox has great performance and working all the features smoothly.

Download MediaBox HD Apk

mediabox HD APK
APK NameMediaBox HD App
Current Version2.4.9.3
Requires android5.0 and up

MediaBox HD APK 2020

The user interface of Mediabox is a very interesting and great design. You will a lot of great things and easily access any feature and change the settings as you want. It has a great homepage where you see all the list of recently added movies, tv shows, Asian dramas, cartoons, anime, and music charts. At the down bar of MediaBox HD, you will see four features like this discover, movies, tv shows, and search. In the discover feature you will find all the list as I mentioned before. In the movies tab, you will find all the latest, trending, popular, top-rated and different categories of movies. And the same goes for TV Shows tab all the trending, popular or various kinds of shows you can find.

The search tool of MediaBox HD. It has amazing search bar features such as you can use ‘y’ to filter search results by year like this (star wars y:1977). And you can use ‘g’ to filter the results by genre example (game g: action). There is another word ‘c’ to filter search results by country but use the country code instead of country name ex ‘c: us’. You can also search for actors and actresses’ names and find all movie collections of that actor or actress in one place.

There is a way to download any movie or show. First, find your desired movie or show then click on it. And you will see various options such as movie info, rating, trailer button, overview, watch button, and the download button. You have to click on the download button. After clicking on the download button it will import all links of the movie from the trusted source with different quality variations. Click on the link and it will start downloading. This is the little process you have to follow and you can download anything with just a few taps.

You can customize settings according to you. If you want to change the language of the subtitles then you can do this from the settings. And also change font size, the color of subtitles and also you have the ability to change the background color of subtitles. You can customize the interface according to you. Enable the kid mode if kids are using this application. Adjust the poster size. You can change the download file location. Change the theme of mediabox it has two modes dark and light. You can choose any one of them.

Features of MediaBox HD

Cast: This application will show you the cast of tv show or movie and you can find more movies or shows of that same actor or actress.

High Quality: MediaBox allows you to watch your favorite content in full HD high video quality. You can also download the content on your device.

Media Request: This feature will help to request any movie which is not available on the MediaBox so that they received your request and add that movie as fast as possible.

Watch list: You can add movies or shows into your watchlist. So that you will not miss that show or movie and watch it later.

Subtitles: Adjust the subtitles according to you. You can customize the font color, background color, font size of subtitles.

Poster Size: You can adjust the poster size according to you. Increase or decrease.

Kid Mode: MediaBox has a kid mode option for kids. You can let kids use this application but make sure you enabled the kid mode.

Theme: Change the theme of MediaBox HD Apk. There are two themes available dark and light.


Which devices support MediaBox HD APK?

Android Smartphone, Android Smart TV, Android TV Box, Firestick, Fire TV, KODI Android BOX, Fire Cube, Android SmartWatch, iPhone, iPad.

Is this application safe to use?

Yes, It is completely safe to use.

Is MediaBox HD is free of cost?

Yes, you can watch any content for free of cost.


Mediabox HD APK screenshots

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