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Cinema HD Apk Free Download Latest Version for Android

Cinema HD Apk: Lots of peoples are searching for a platform where they can watch the latest and trendy movies free of cost. But unfortunately, they rarely found that kind of platform which they want. Nowadays it is very tough to find genuine platforms which provide all the entertainment which we want. But You will be happy to know there are still amazing entertaining platforms available which we demand.

Everybody wants to watch the latest movies on their smartphones without doing too much effort. Because the latest movies are rarely available on free platforms. But the good news is you can watch all the latest and top-rated movies for free of cost on Cinema HD Apk. It is a free online movie streaming app which provides you all the TV Shows, Dramas, Movies, and Documentaries. If you want to know more about this apk then keep reading.

Cinema HD Apk

Now you are thinking that how it works and how it has lots of movies? Well, it has lots of movies, Cinema HD Apk finds movies links from different online HD sources. And then it organizes those files and will show all the files with the clean interface. It will find movies from various HD sources with different video resolutions. You can watch and change the video quality according to you. The interesting is that you don’t need an account to use this. And it will not ask for sign up and don’t require any credit card. It is completely free and I hope always be free. 

The interface of Cinema HD Apk is easy to use and user-friendly. It is quick and working smoothly. When you open this app you will see lots of popular movies that will appear on its homepage. You can also change the category and discover the different categories of movies. If you want different categories of movies then click on the top bar and you will find lots of different genres. You can select anyone by click on it. If you click on the action category then it will find all the latest action movies from the internet at very fast speed.

Download Cinema HD Apk

Cinema HD Apk Icon
APK NameCinema HD
Current Versionv2.1.4
Requires androidAndroid 4.1 or Up
DeveloperYOKU inc
Last UpdateAugust 24, 2019

HD Cinema Apk 2020

When you click on any movie it will show you many options such as the average rating of the movie, releasing date, add to watch list, add to the favorite list, click the trailer button to watch the trailer, and click the download button to download movie on your phone storage. Cinema HD also shows a little written summary of the movie. And then it will show all the streams which Cinema found from the trusted sources with different quality and sizes. You can open a movie on different video players which you have. And Cinema also has its inbuilt video player. When you click on any stream you will see various options like you can copy the link of the movie and share with your friends and download button to get the movie to watch offline.

It also has many other great features and customization settings. The search feature will help you to find your movie and on the left side of the search button, you will find the filter feature. Where you can filter movies with years. You can select the particular and it will only show you the movies which release in that particular year. There is also the menu button you will find on the top left side corner. And on the menu, you will see various options and you can customize them as you want. You can customize the application settings as you want. Click on the settings and you will see lots of settings that you can customize.

If you don’t like the inbuilt video player then you can easily change it just click on the chosen player and select your desired player. And there is an option called ‘Show HD only’ when you enable this option it will only find HD results for you. It also has many other premium features that you can customize if you have a premium apk. Also, you can change the subtitle language from the setting and there are different subtitle colors to choose. And also adjust the subtitle font size as you want. Change the media download path and you can select a different folder and location to a store downloaded movie. You will see the history feature where it shows all the movies that you played.

Features of Cinema HD Apk

100% Free: Cinema Apk is a completely free app to use and it will provide you all the content for free and you can easily use all the features free of cost but in the free version there is only one condition which you beard which is an advertisement. I know no one wants to watch an advertisement but listen you cannot use your or any other platform without advertisement. Because if you are a free user then you have to give little credit to them who created this great platform for you and for free. But if you don’t want to watch ads then you turn off advertisement by upgrading into the premium version.

Latest Movies: There are thousands of HD Movies and TV shows available to watch and they are continuously adding more. You can watch any latest movies quickly.

User Experience: I have used this application personally and the user experience was so great and this application is admirable because it has all the movies which I was finding on the internet. Easy to use and amazing interface design. And the interesting thing is that you can watch the Netflix series for free on Cinema HD Apk with high resolution.

Add to Favorite: You can add all your favorites shows, movies in your favorite list to watch them later and you can access this list any time you want and watch them later & again.

Offline Mode: This application will provide you the offline mode feature where you can download movies on your device storage to watch them later. This feature may help you if you don’t have time or if you are traveling you can watch without the internet.

Media Players: Choose the default video player from Cinema Player, YesPlayer, MX Player, and VLC.

Subtitle: Choose default subtitle language, color, font.

Categories: It has 60+ categories for movies and tv shows.


What is the benefit of premium version?

In this premium version, you will not see any advertisement and able to use all the features without watching ads.

What are the benefits of this app?

Unlike other apps, It also allows users to stream Movies and TV Shows. But the main advantage is – Never shut down and completely free to use.

Is it safe to use?

YES! As of now, there are no device problems, malware-free, and it doesn’t harm your device. Nothing is risk-free, Copyright content policy is concerned.

How can I stream movies on my Smart TV using this app?

Watching its content on Smart TV is now easy using Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, or Downloader app. Remember that, it works on Android Smart TV only.

Can I watch 4K videos?

Yes! but it purely depends on stream providers.

Is it compatible with Chromecast?

Unfortunately No! But you can stream from your Android to Chromecast using the AllCast app.


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